A Touch of Glass


Every event should have a “touch of glass.” Glass is a perfect way to reflect and direct light. Think about the beauty of a large glass vase with the light of candles piercing through the container and adding a warm glow to a celebration.

Glass is incredibly versatile. You can use colorful glass to capture sunlight and add swaths of color to an outdoor event. Blue glass catching the light in a beach setting or in a green garden will take an aesthetic to the next level. Amber or green glass can enhance a natural or vintage feeling – especially with shabby-chic pieces.

Watching glass makers heat and mold the material into wonderfully intricate designs is absolutely memorizing. Each design sends a unique message – an ornate wine goblet with thick glass and detailed shapes sets a different vibe from a plain wine glass. These touches of glass help to bring life to any event and set the tone.

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